An EASA Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, additionally Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, is a certified individual who consists of out and certifies aircraft maintenance. The license is great across the world and is acknowledged through the EASA Authority which regulate the International Air Space around the world.

There is a huge and demanding scope of EASA AMEL in Pakistan for a licensed holder engineer who has also done experience in the field. It opens so many doors of good employment opportunities in most of the leading aviation areas of Pakistan. There are so many private and public airlines in which an AME can get employment with a handsome salary package. You can find many posts in many departments relating to aircrafts such as the career opportunities in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Pakistan and also around World are yet available for you and the earning is also offering a big scope for you where your future will be secured and strong.

This AMEL is a milestone course for youngsters of Pakistan, AIAS was the pioneer of this course in 2016 and has professionally formulated as the requirements of EASA regulations and Industry. This course is a combination of theoretical studies along with parallel practical experience on Live Operational Aircrafts. We offer scheduled/unscheduled on job training 2-3days a week at Airport and PCAA logbooks are maintained on weekly basis.

On successful completion of this partial EASA 147 MTOE approved course, students will have completed all necessary theory and practical tasks, required by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), to qualify for a basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence. On passing out the students not only have completed this course but also have high quality 3 years of work experience in their pockets.

License Program students learn the skills to maintain engines, brake and undercarriage systems, structural components, cabin pressurisation, fuel and pneumatic components, flight controls, hydraulics and much more. This option allows students to complete both the Mechanical ( and the Avionics . A student will meet the licensing requirement for only one category of license.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES: On completion of this course AIAS passed students can seek jobs in National and International Airlines, MROs and other Aircraft Maintenance related organizations. In region of Pakistan there are many options such as Air Sial, Air Blue, PIA, Serene Air, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Virgin Atlantic and many more. Overseas there are hundreds of Airlines and MROs where students of this AMEL course are eligible to seek job placement.

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