Aviation Management

The growth of business worldwide has been quantum increased in all Aviation related field ranging from manufacturing and assembling of Aircraft to management related Aviation activities.

To run the Aviation industry efficiently and effectively, human resource is very crucial factor. The growth of Aviation business demanding increased numbers of human resources which have enough knowledge in Aviation industry.

To take care of this demand Aeroline Institute of Aviation Studies are offering Aviation condensed courses which accomplish all the requirements of modern Aviation industry.


This program provide best knowledge and skills in the field of Aviation and Management according to the demand of the Aviation Industry.


  • Growth in Aviation Industry related to field of management and flying.
  • To provide best Instructors.
  • To make best syllabus according to the requirement of modern Aviation Industry.
  • To produce best Human Resources equipped with best and useful knowledge and skills of Aviation Industry
  • To maintain the Quality Standards of Education.


This program is the combination of Aviation Sciences and Management courses. This program gives the basic or fundamental knowledge to Aviation Industry. After the Aviation Management, student will have knowledge to take care of issues inside the fields of Aviation including the flying, Administration,  Air Traffic Control, Radar, Flight Operations, Airline Operations & Marketing.

This  program will furnish the students with the learning and aptitude that stimulate them for flying, Aviation Business Airline Operations and different departments of Airport and further creativity in these fields.

This program additionally give basic knowledge in flying studies, Administration and Business which is necessary  for profession in Air Transportation, Air Traffic Control, Management Activities of Airport and Aviation Safety Field.


The Aviation Management furnish students to work in a public or private Airport, Airlines or different general Aviation Companies.

Graduates of the Aviation Management will be able to:

  • Apply innovative ideas in the Aviation Industry.
  • Inspect safety standards and propose new ideas to the safety of Aviation market.
  • Analyze the demand of Aviation Industry standards and creating new innovative standards which is helpful for developing Aviation market.
  • Maintain quality standards of Aviation and inspect it in a proper manner.
  • Utilize their information in financial aspects of Aviation and give new ideas to control the budget.
  • Arrange and anticipate the monetary budget in flying.
  • Apply different business standards to manage the activities of Industry, Airport, Airline.
  • Manage Human Resources efficiently & effectively.
  • Apply innovative and creative ideas to build up strong security system in Airports.
  • Analyze the development in the segment of business at National & Worldwide level and propose model of business to develop these segments.


Total Tuition Fee= 5 Lakhs and 40 Thousand

International Degree Registration Fee= 2500 EUROs

Students shall pay semester wise. ( 4 years = 8 semesters )

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