Getting Started at AIAS in Five Steps

Step 1 : Career Counseling

Career development is a lifelong process, career counseling is mandatory for everyone. Our career counselor helps you to know who you are. And what do you want from your career, your education and life. He also helps the students his thoughts, ideas, ambiguities and interest about the education and career choice. He tries the level best to make the path of the student clear and guide about the next level to reach the goal.

Step 2 : Admission Criteria

Aeroline is one the world class institutes in the field of aviation. In order to step into our institute one must fulfill the admission criteria:

Aircraft maintenance engineering license:

With F.SC: 45% or equivalent marks in matric or O-levels

Without F.SC: 50% or equivalent marks in intermediate or A-Levels

Degree programs:

50% or equivalent marks in intermediate or A-Levels

Test and Interview:

50% marks in test which should be followed by formidable interview

Step 3 : Admissions

Register yourself:

Registration process includes paying registration fee and providing the basic information to the registrar. After this you will issued a registration form along with prospectus and admission form. The registration form will owe information regarding the test and interview date as well as interview.

Submission of Admission forms:

Complete Admission form must be submitted with the admission officer after the successful results of the test and interview which will be issued on the test day.

Issuance of challan form and submission of fee:

Challan form will be issued after submission of Admission form. The fee must be submitted within the prescribed date. After the due date RS100 fine per day will be charged (excluding weekends).

Disclaimer:  All Tuition Fees and Charges paid to AIAS are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.


Step 4 : Scholarship Policies

Aeroline aims developing human resource to contribute development in society. Merit-based awards are granted to those bright participants who are best able to achieve that aim.

Continuation of Merit scholarships in subsequent semesters is subject to maintenance of CGPA not less than 3.00 for Bachelors programs and License program.

Merit Scholarship for students applying in Aeroline:

  • Scholarship on the basis of Matric
  • 80% or above marks in BISE Examination: 5% tuition fee waiver
  • Scholarship on the basis of A Level
  • Three As in A-Level: 10% tuition fee waiver.
  • Two As in A-Level: 10000 admission fee waiver
  • Scholarship on the basis of intermediate
  • 80% or above marks in BISE Examination: 5% tuition fee waiver

There are limited seats available for scholarship.


Step 5 : Orientations



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